Cone sleeves

Weyhmüller is THE specialist for innovative development and the manufacture of production systems for cone sleeves. Many different types of cone sleeve can be produced in multiple sizes on our various standard machines: small, large, with various angles, with or without brim roll, suitable for ice-cream drink and snack packaging.

Flat cone type "Calippo"

This type of conical flat tube – also called squeezer or squeeze-up – is used almost exclusively for water ice. Kids all over the world love this type of packaging! Open, press and enjoy the ice.

Suitable machines: CBU-F and Marina

Drink and snack cones

A simple type of packaging – printed or unprinted – fill it, drink or eat the contents and throw it away. Here we can offer you the most cost-efficient possibility for producing products of this type. These cone sleeves are well-suited for example for water dispensers or in the larger size for popcorn or French-fries.

Suitable machines: S3, S3M and S3/4-OS

Ice-cream cone sleeves

Ice-cream cone sleeves are available in various designs: used in the ice-cream industry as classic packaging made of aluminum paper laminate. Or, as hygiene protection for products purchased at point of sale, then, however, without the aluminium lamination. The vast majority of these sleeves do not have a brim-roll. Sleeves with brim-roll can, however, be produced for special applications in combination with an additional machine (SMU).

Suitable machines: S4V, for subsequently formed brim-roll SMU