This duplex cup of board and deep drawn plastic sets a completely new yardstick. destoCups not only protect the environment, they are also innovative in regard to marketing and handling. The thin plastic inlet is firmly covered on the outside with paper up to the sealing flange which also incorporates a recessed paper bottom. This allows the destoCup to withstand a stacking pressure of up to approximately 50 kg even though the thin plastic inner cup alone would collapse with very little pressure.

Additional advantages:

  • up to 66% reduction in plastic
  • efficient separation and recycling
  • a bar code on the base of the cup ensures optimal handling at the cash register and allows an attractive design to be placed on all sides of the cups
  • the paper surround can be printed not only on the outside but also the inside
  • all planographic printing methods are suitable
  • many design possibilities with excellent print quality

Suitable machines: CBU-DES, CBU-O-DES for cups with base or CBU-DES , CBU-ISO without a base.