Paper cups

Hot or cold drinks, ice cream or cookies: the paper cups from our machines are the ideal packaging for a wide range of foodstuffs.

Standard paper cups

The "classic", normally conical, mainly used for drink and ice cream cups, from very small (2 oz / 60 ml) to very large (70 oz / 2.000 ml), used for hot or cold drinks, or as ice cream cups with many different areas of use and types. Because of fast change-overs to different formats, our machines provide a high level of flexibility to fulfill fast-paced market demands. Frustum type cups can even be produced on the same standard machine.

Suitable machines: CBU-O, CBU-OL and Ramona

Cups with handle

Cups can also be implemented with a handle as an alternative to IsoCups, they are used for hot drinks. Requirements vary greatly in the individual "coffee cultures" and they can be designed as desired with our products.

Suitable machines: Ramona with additional handle unit

Non-round cups

Either marketing aspects or maximum use of shelf space are the main reasons for the use of cups with square or rectangualar cross-section. Other cross-sections are also possible.

Suitable machines: CBU-O, CBU-OL and Ramona